Oil, Books and Short hand

by thesociallubricant

I have an addiction to buying books. Few bookstores I’ve entered have ever not been the recipient of my hard earned cash and despite me being labeled a pessimist I fear for our world without books made of paper and binding. I have been trying to get to the bottom of this belief I hold so dearly that the digital age versus the age of paper will slowly turn us into androids, if we’re not already. I’m not void of reason and understand the arguments for kindles: portability, accessibility to books, and a wealth of knowledge at the tap of a button.What I have concluded in my search for understanding my own conviction is that I fear for the next generation. I worry for the Millennial’s who will grow up reading from computers screens in classrooms and typing out every note instead of handwriting it.Will the written word executed by pen and paper become completely obsolete? How tragic for children not to learn how to write cursive in between the  lines and pass love notes in class because it’s a paperless desk. The crux of the issue for me is our loss of sensuousness and therefore  a little bit of our humanity by engaging solely in machines. Our sense of touch when we flip pages will be limited to scrolling on a screen, our sense of grasping knowledge by writing shorthand on paper during classes will be usurped by keyboards and then what? I do not pretend to understand the ramifications (especially as I sit here and post something on a blog) but I know that one day the joy of seeing children running around in playgrounds will be taken over by a robot and his mechanical toys. Maybe I am a pessimist but I am fairly certain I saw a child queuing at the mechanics to change the oil in his legs.